Reviews and Essays

Curriculum vitae

Voices from the Corner: A Response by Veronica Brady

Tikkun Olam – From Theology to Morality (1Mb PDF document)

A Universe Of Clowns – review

A Committed Writer

Bull, Magpie and Outer

On firmer Shore – review

Local Milieux Laurie Clancy

Melbourne as a hell-on-earth

Moral tales from the private world of a tormented race

The Elusive Land of Milk and Honey

The Stort Stories of Serge Liberman

To Transcend Anonymity and Oblivion

Vignettes of Human Experience

Treasure chest of historic writing – re The Bibliography of Australasian Judaica 1788-2008

Writing Jewish Carlton

Materials towards a history of Jewish Carlton

Australian Jewish Literature through the Eyes of a Bibliographer

**Literature without borders

The Other Wife by Manfred Jurgensen – a review

The Lia Mendez Trilogy by Catherine Hofmann – review

Shadow of Doubt by Richard Freadman

Questions of a Summer Night – fiction

The Golem of Golah – fiction


Is There a Jewish Literature?

Yiddish Theatre in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney

“Under the strange, somehow transparent light of these southern skies”- Jewish Writers in Australia

Author finds his Africa – review of Where I Stand

_`Tsibeles, Pretzels, Blondinnies, and Red-Heads’- The Trials and Terrors of Assimilation in Serge Liberman’s Short Fiction_

The writings of Serge Liberman – online literary encyclopaedia